Independence Day and The American Dream

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As Americans across the country prepare for festive barbecues, fireworks, and countless other 4th of July celebrations, the Jack Georges team reflects on what this occasion truly means to all of us.  It is Independence Day for the nation that many of our ancestors emigrated to in order to achieve goals that could not have been accomplished elsewhere.  Jack Georges knows this personally.  He lived it. Having escaped a civil war, he arrived here as a teenager with nothing.  But through hard work, dedication, and a love for this great country of ours, he has lived the American dream.  Today he reminds us never to neglect the opportunities that we have been given in our lives here and to remain committed to bringing each of our American Dreams to life.

Everyone has their own “American dream,” but the end results and the traits required to achieve them are often the same: knowledge, freedom, strength, success, and prosperity.  We instill these characteristics into every item that we make, especially those in our Made in the USA collections.  When every brand had abandoned making product in the USA, Jack Georges insisted that he would not shut down our US factory.  These collections reflect our pride, patriotism, and appreciation for the land that made Jack Georges’ dream possible.  Take a look at the items that we make in the USA and choose one that can accompany you on your journey to reach your American Dream.

Knowledge.  When you set out to achieve your dreams, you must begin with knowledge which will help lay the path and strengthen your chances for success.  When he started his business, Jack Georges appropriately named the first items he designed, the University Collection.  From his perspective, these quality pieces embodied the desires of an educated user.  Twenty-eight years later, they still do.  One of our favorites is style University Leather Briefcase. This medium-size double-gusset bag is the perfect first briefcase for those who graduated with a degree in law or business.  It features a no-nonsense design made from classic, tumble milled American Steer Hide.  The hide’s full-grain, uncorrected finish makes it durable enough to be your companion from the beginning of your career until the day that you receive that gold watch for retirement and pass the bag down to another generation.  It will accommodate your files and books while keeping your essentials organized.  It is no wonder that it was the bag of choice for the former U.S. secretary of state.  The bag is available in black or brown and features solid brass turnlocks to keep the bag closed securely.

Freedom.We live in a country where anyone is free to start a business, speak their mind, and express their personal sense of style. The University Classic Crossbody Handbag pays homage to this tenet of the American Dream.  And who needs more freedom than a woman who must be all things at all times?  There is no question that she needs a durable, quality bag to carry her essentials and whatever else she may need at a moment’s notice.  That’s why this handbag is still so popular.  It’s made from strong and durable American Steer Hide and is built to last a lifetime.  The adjustable leather strap hangs on one shoulder and drops the bag at her opposing hip, keeping her hands free and always ready to go about her business.  A solid brass turn-lock keeps the flap securely in place – covering the main compartment which has plenty of room for a tablet or mini convertible laptop, cell phone, and her personal accessories. This classic silhouette will fit right in at the office, at the mall, while traveling, or anywhere in between.

Strength. It takes courage and strength to push past all of the “NOs'” until you finally reach that elusive YES—to fight emphatically for a goal and knock down the walls that threaten to keep you from it.  Jack Georges’ father knew that Jack had that strength and courage when he sent him out to sea alone with nothing but strangers on a small crowded boat.  He knew that his son would somehow find his way to a better place and Jack had his mind set on the land of opportunity.  Perhaps unknowingly, he works hard to ensure that everything his company creates reflects that inner strength.  That’s what makes collections like the Belmont so special.  Made from extremely durable American bull hide, Belmont styles possess the strength and character that this company was built upon.  A combination of skill and hard work goes into hand-crafting each item so that each piece is special and built to last. 


The collection’s Double Gusset Top Zip Briefcaseis the ideal companion for a hard-working professional who needs a case that can endure long days and heavy loads for many yearsThis bag was created to be a lifetime companion that’s as strong as it is reliable.  It will age gracefully and with dignity as it accompanies you on every critical step of your career. 


For a more feminine flair, the Belmont collection’s Dowel Tote is a great choice.  Designed with the strength of a bull but with a chic silhouette, this large bag is at home on the shoulder of any professional woman who means business will rise to the challenge in the pursuit of her American dream.







                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Success.  Jack Georges’ success has come from helping other professionals look and feel the part by creating quality leather accessories that fit their needs. The Belting Collection’s Triple Gusset Flap Overis the quintessential American briefcase.  Available in black, brown, and tan, this case’s elegant silhouette belongs in the hands of a successful professional.  Each piece is hand crafted from durable belting leather - once used for pulleys and heavy machine work, for over 100 years, the leather has become synonymous with sophisticated, handcrafted bags that will endure the rigors of everyday work.  A key feature of this bag is the brass combination lock that keeps files and documents confidential, a critical feature for doctors, lawyers, and executives.  Inside, the bag has luxurious suede lining that adds to the durability of the bag.  One of the benefits of owning this belting case is the rich patina that this leather develops with handling, scratches, stains, and scuffs that each tell a story of the battles and challenges that you have overcome during your climb to success.  It is the reason that belting bags have been prized by American professionals for over a century.

Prosperity. Money is by no means everything, but for those that enjoy personal luxury and a personal reminder of the prosperity that their efforts have afforded them, our American Alligator Bi-fold Walletfits the bill.  At Jack Georges, we strive to create quality products that are sophisticated and luxurious, but also offer excellent value.   This little piece of elegance is made from Louisiana Alligator Leather that is buffed and polished for an exquisite shine.  Individually hand made in black and brown leathers, this wallet exudes prosperity. Whether you are already living your American Dream or are on a solid path to obtain it, you can definitely look and feel the part with this stylish wallet.

The Jack Georges brand was created on American soil.  It was built from the perseverance and determination of a young, humble immigrant who wanted to live the American dream and make his father’s sacrifices worthwhile.  This Independence Day remember that everyone has an American Dream.  Make yours come true.

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Grace Tee
Grace Tee

July 06, 2015

Awesome collection. Jack George is such an inspiration for us starters in the business. But with strong determination and positive outlook, anyone can succeed. Thanks for this post! Cheers 4th of July!

Grace Tee

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