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June 17, 2015 4 min read

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re no experts on astrology – we are leather professionals.  But since it is the time of Gemini, the twins in the horoscope that account for different yet equally strong sides, we thought it would be fun to showcase some of our accessories that celebrate the Gemini spirit.  

When done right, pairing two different styles, colors, textures, or materials result in something that is more than the sum of its parts.  Sometimes the outcome is about creating a new look - especially when the result allows the piece to be used or worn with different colors and outfits.  Other times, especially when combining different materials, you get the inherent benefit of what makes each material unique.  When Jack Georges mixes and matches, we get something special - a duality that simply offers more.   

Refined and Edgy - our Venezia Collection delivers styles that combine black Napa leather with brown Croco-embossed leather.   Who says twins have to look alike if they can look this good?  Both leathers are full grain and uncorrected, which keeps them durable and allows them to retain their natural character.  But with different textures, the look is sophisticated and classic yet somehow looks great even if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  The black and brown combination means you will be able to match more of your wardrobe than with one solid color – and who wouldn’t want that?

Flaunt your fierce femininity with two of our favorites from this collection.  The first is the #622 Serena Crossbody bag.  Unless you spend all of your time at home, you’ll want a bag that can serve your needs whenever you step out.  There’s nothing more convenient than carrying a bag with a strap across your shoulder and knowing that everything you need is at your fingertips.  It’s large enough to hold your tablet, which helps if you’re using it on the road, to store your shopping lists, capture memories from the day on camera, or enjoying a digital book at the park.  And it’s even better knowing that with this bag, comfort and convenience does not mean boring.  

For a powerful statement at the office, the #692 Caterina Large Business Tote sends the message loud and clear.  No matter your dress code, this stylish work bag will let everyone know who is in charge.  Of course, since it’s a Jack Georges, it is more than just arm candy, the tote is a professional companion that will carry your files, hold up to a 15.6” screen laptop, and keep everything where you need it with our easy access organizer.

What if you want a quality nylon bag but need something with more substance?  The answer: a sleek silhouette from Jack Georges’ Generations Collection.  The Gemini-like duality of this collection comes from the pairing of wrinkle-free 1680 denier ballistic nylon (known for its light weight and strength in military and police applications) trimmed in durable leather.  There’s no question that the quality of the nylon allows the collections to live up to Jack Georges’ standards and reputation for creating sturdy, long-lasting bags and accessories.  

Some of the bags are Gemini-like in their ability to serve more than one purpose.  For example, the Generations Lite #6527 17” Business Wheeler can transform from a jean-clad college professor’s mobile office to a corporate executive’s carry-on laptop bag.  The bag will hold up to a 17” screen laptop, files, documents, and essentials.  Members of our team are known to use the back compartment of the wheeler to hold a casual shirt that they can change into after a meeting.

The Generations Edge #6928 Zip Closure Business Tote is a career woman’s briefcase alternative. This work bag has a padded compartment that will hold up to a 17” screen laptop.  With its large size and organization pockets, it is clearly designed for professional use.  But with its feminine silhouette, it fits right in at an advertising agency’s casual office environment or on the arm of a corporate attorney.  With leather trim that is scratch and stain resistant, it is a great everyday business tote that won’t look out of place if your after-work plans take you to a more relaxed setting.

With a name like the Montana Duotone Collection, we have to wonder if Jack Georges was considering the Gemini theme when he designed these wallets.  After all,  those born under this astrological sign are often described as having a side that they show the world plus a hidden alter ego that they keep concealed.  This is the perfect description of the Montana pieces: on the outside, they are constructed from a buffalo leather with a rich black hue that, until opened, gives no clue of the chocolate brown leather detailing inside.  

If you prefer a more traditional wallet, the Montana collection’s #DT716 Clutch Wallet will be a great partner.  Besides providing enough slots for your credit cards and ID, there is a zippered pocket inside that can hold eyeliner or lipstick when needed.   And when you open it, the #DT716’s brown interior detailing adds a welcome dose of warm color to complement your style.  Its clean and sleek design means that you can also carry it on its own, without a handbag – a perfect little compliment to your outfit, even if that happens to be an elegant little black dress.

In this day and age, there are two things that you never want to leave home without: your wallet and your smart phone.  That’s why the Montana Duotone’s #DT722 Continental Wallet is so popular. This spacious wallet has room for everything you need to feel complete throughout the day, including a handy inside pocket for your cell phone.  Of course, it also has slots for all your credit and insurance cards, a zippered pocket where your car and house keys will be at home, and obviously compartments for your cash and a zippered back pocket for change.  Toss it in your tote or purse or grab it on its own for a quick shopping run.  It is much easier having your wallet and cell phone in one hand.

No matter your birthday or astrological sign, everyone probably has a little bit of Gemini inside of them.  With these collections and accessories, it’s like you’re getting an item with an inner twin – a little something extra that makes each piece even more special!

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