At Jack Georges®, we design our products for longevity.  Over the course of time, your leather piece can endure scuffs, scrapes, punctures, and damage from accidents. We can refurbish your item and breathe new life into it for a nominal charge - approximately 25% of the retail value depending on the issue and the work necessary.  Costs for exotic leathers may be different.

Depending on your particular item and its needs, refurbishing can take as little as two business days to complete.  This includes cleaning, changing the binding or repainting the edges when necessary, replacing broken hardware, restitching where needed, etc.  Each case is unique, so refurbishing will differ accordingly.  We suggest that you fill out our Warranty Repairs & Refurbishing Form for expedited processing of your repair.  Filling out this form will provide us with the necessary information to quickly process your repair.  You're required to attach images of your bag in its current condition as it will help us determine the type of work that is needed and speed up the process.

We do not do any re-dying (coloring) of the leather in the refurbishing process.  Scratches and stains cannot be removed.  In some cases, leather panels or flaps can be changed, but it will depend on the item - upon receipt of the case, we will contact you and notify you of this option and the cost involved.  Please note that leather changes color with exposure to light and the elements, new leather may not match your older bag perfectly.  

Once we receive your item, we will contact you with an estimate before work is done.

For more information, please contact our Repair Department:


Tel:  (973) 777-6999 ext. 317
Fax: (973) 777-6028


To send your item for refurbishing:

- Please complete our Warranty Repairs & Return Form for faster processing of your returns to obtain a Return Authorization Email. No repairs will be processed without a printed Return Authorization Email issued by our Repairs department included within the package.  

- Complete the refurbishing form in its entirety by providing your name, email, home address, full daytime contact information and product information for expedited service.

- Use care in your packing method. Shoulder straps should be placed inside the item. All handles must be positioned away from the body of the case to prevent impressions in the leather. Totes and handbags must have their straps tucked into the item.  We can not be held responsible for any damage caused by improper packing.

- We recommend that you ship your item in a manner that will allow you to track the shipment using the delivery service of your choice.  Jack Georges will not be responsible for packages lost or damaged during shipping. The responsibility will be that of the carrier. 



Jack Georges reserves the right to modify its refurbishing policy.