Warranty Repairs & Refurbishing

Jack Georges Warranty Information:

We handcraft each item to the best of our manufacturing capabilities using only the finest and most durable materials available. Our products are designed to improve with age. Marks and scratches, earned from normal use are natural and enhance the character of the item. The beauty of leather is that it wears and shapes itself to you over time and becomes more appealing.

We pride ourselves on having a very low number of warranty repair claims. However, since all of our items are handcrafted, human error may occur and as such, we stand behind our products with warranty coverage. Each Jack Georges® product comes with a workmanship warranty. This warranty is printed on the hang tag that comes with an item and entitles the buyer to repairs due to defective parts or workmanship for the time period stated on the card. The warranty card and proof of purchase (receipt) are required if an item needs warranty service. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, which includes scratches or abnormal abuse of the materials, stretching/softening of leather, leather that is stained or bleached from coming into contact with other materials or elements, damaged zippers from snagging or over-stuffing, worn/broken wheels or pull-out handles on wheeled bags, worn hardware, or hardware intentionally broken especially due to forgotten lock combinations or lost keys. Please keep in mind that parts and materials may be limited to the availability of parts and materials by their original sources - in such cases, Jack Georges' responsibility will be to have the item functioning properly but repair parts and materials may not be the same as had been used on the item when it was originally made. This warranty does not serve as a replacement policy.  If custom work or repair is done on the bag by any individual or any company not authorized by Jack Georges, the warranty will be void.


Register your warranty online: REGISTER HERE


Important Information:

All items purchased directly from JackGeorges.com have a lifetime warranty and are exempt from proof of purchase requirements. No warranty registration is necessary since we would have all of the information needed. Jack Georges items purchased from an authorized Jack Georges® retailer have a tag/warranty card stating the type of warranty that comes with that particular product. The warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from an authorized retailer and a copy of the warranty card that came with the item.

In the unlikely event that your Jack Georges® product should need a warranty repair, claims should be processed directly through the Jack Georges repair department via our online form. Please do not contact a retailer for warranty claims as they are not involved in servicing products and may add their own handling/service charges. Simply follow the instructions listed at the bottom of this page. Once the item is received by us, it is usually repaired in one business day and shipped directly back to you.


Non-warranty Repair & Refurbishing:

If a non-warranty repair is necessary or refurbishing an item is desired, Jack Georges' repair department can handle this for a nominal charge - considering the cost of parts and materials, repair costs average approximately 25% of the retail value of an item but will depend on the item itself and the work necessary to repair or refurbish.  


To send your item for a Warranty Repair or for Refurbishing:

- Please complete our warranty repairs & refurbishing form with images of your item and the area of concern in order for us to identify the item and reply with proper instructions and a return authorization number so that you may send your item to us for repair. No repairs will be processed without completion of the form and receipt of a Return Authorization Email issued by our Repairs department included within the package.  

- Follow the instructions in the form and include your name, address, and full daytime contact information.

- Include a copy of your warranty card and proof of purchase (sales receipt)

- Use care in your packing method. Shoulder straps should be placed inside of the item. All handles must be positioned away from the body of the case to prevent impressions in the leather. Totes and handbags must have their straps tucked into the item.  We can not be held responsible for any damage caused by improper packing.

- We recommend that you ship your item in a manner that will allow you to track the shipment using the delivery service of your choice (UPS, FedEx, Express Mail, etc.).  Jack Georges will not be responsible for the cost of shipping or for packages lost or damaged during shipping. The responsibility for lost or damaged packages will be that of the carrier. 

Jack Georges reserves the right to modify its warranty policy and repairs policy without notice.