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October 14, 2015 4 min read

I’m finding myself traveling on business more often carrying my laptop, tablet, files, and who knows what else on any given trip.  I finally came to terms with the fact that I need a briefcase on wheels to spare my back any added strain.  So, of course, I turned to my favorite leather accessories designer, Jack Georges, to find a bag that will work well and fit my sense of style.  I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find that Jack Georges offers a variety of business wheelers that will do the job.  While the silhouettes and leathers differ, each bag boasts Jack Georges’ elegant design sense and is made from quality materials with necessary features and good organization.  Padded pocket to protect my laptop? Check.   Telescoping handles? Check.  Inline skate wheels? Check.  

Jack Georges wheeled bags are offered with a traditional layout or in vertical form for those who travel often!  So when it was time to choose between great options, I had to think about how I would actually be using the bag.

Vertical Wheelers - When Jack was boarding a flight 10 years ago, he noticed that everyone with a wheeled briefcase had to carry their bag through the aisle of the airplane because all of the cases were too wide to roll between the seats.  Even worse is when they needed to carry their heavy bags, seemingly in slow motion, while deplaning.  After noticing there were no solutions in the market, he came up with the vertical business wheeler.

Our vertical business wheelers are 14” wide and will easily roll through the aisle of an airplane, train, or bus.  They also have a smaller foot print when you’re in more crowded places, even your local café, while still accommodating your letter size files, books, and magazines horizontally – very cool!  Best of all, they still slide under the seat in front of you if there’s no more room in the overhead compartments (which I am dealing with more often these days!)  But these bags aren’t just for travel, they’re great for the everyday commute whether by public transportation or on that long walk from the parking lot to the office.

The Stylish Jetsetter. The first of these Vertical Laptop Compatible Wheelers is the Milano Collection #3854.  True to the collections style, the bag is available in black, cherry, green, orange, and red to suit a more conservative or more outgoing personality – whatever works for you!  It has all of the pockets and organization that you need and if you have a smaller laptop, you can put it in regularly, but if your laptop is larger, the bag will hold up to a 15.4” laptop vertically.  And it’s made from the Milano collection’s signature, smooth-to-the-touch, scratch and stain resistant Italian leather so that the hustle and bustle of travel won’t affect the bag’s silky finish. 

Milano Vertical 17" Laptop Compatible Wheeler #3817 | Jack GeorgesA Dose of Classic Style. For those with a larger 15.6” or 17” laptop, Jack Georges makes the Milano #3817 Laptop Wheeler.  Available in black or in red, this bag is a little more serious and with its structured center frame, has the robust build of a traditional sturdy suitcase.  It is the right size to serve as a carry-all bag for a short business trip when you might need to carry a change of clothes. 

The Rustic Explorer.  It’s interesting what a big difference a small change makes.  To create the #7844 Voyager Business Wheeler #7844 | Jack GeorgesVoyager #7844 Vertical Laptop Compatible Wheeler, Jack Georges took the basic form of the Milano 3854 and changed the construction to take advantage of the soft, yet strong nature of its buffalo leather.  The end result is a rustic and modern wheeler, especially as the leather gets scratches and stains that add character and build a rich patina that makes it look better with time and use.  Whoever’s carrying this bag wants to be both comfortable and chic while en route.

Generations 17" Laptop Compatible Business Wheeler #6527 | Jack GeorgesBallistic Elegance.  Another take on the softer construction Vertical Wheeler makes use of wrinkle-free ballistic nylon.  Jack Georges was able to transform something as utilitarian as ballistic nylon into a sleek and elegant design by adding touches of Italian leather trim and cream stitching.  The look is more hi-tech without seeming cold or harsh as you would expect from ballistic nylon.      

Traditional Wheelers – Of course, Jack Georges knows that not everyone that needs a wheeled briefcase will need to worry about aisles and tight spaces.  Many people need a traditional wheeled case to avoid carrying heavy files and folders or an even larger laptop.

Executive Chic.  The Elements Laptop Business Wheeler is the perfect fit for the consummate Elements Laptop Compatible Business Wheeler #4857 | Jack Georgesprofessional.  Very popular with those that need to carry legal sized files or a 17.3” screen laptop, this bag is truly versatile. With its sleek, dressy silhouette, you would never suspect that the professional donning this bag might also have travel size toiletries and slippers buried somewhere in this spacious wheeler. The bag has a center frame to protect the laptop inside and allow the bag to be carried with one handle when it is not being wheeled around.  Scratch and stain resistant European leather adds a sophistication that makes the bag a great choice for an attorney, doctor, or an executive headed to the board room.

Generations Vertical Laptop Compatible Wheeler #6844 | Jack GeorgesSleek and Adaptable. These two words best describe the Generations Laptop Business Wheeler.  Like the Generations #6844, the bag is made from wrinkle-free ballistic nylon that is smooth instead of rough.  But this bag is larger and will hold up to a 17.3” laptop comfortably.  Available in black, the bag is trimmed in American steer hide leather.  Two large pockets on the face give you quick access to things that you need at hand, like your large mobile phone or small tablet. It’s a smart choice for a professional who can dress up or down as needed, get the job done, and look good doing it.

Whether your travels take you by plane, train, bus, or automobile – to the office or across the globe – a great wheeled bag will keep you organized and make the trip much easier on your back and shoulders.  When you want practicality with a perfect blend of quality, durability, and style, you need a Jack Georges.

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