Change In Season Requires A Change in Style

October 07, 2015 3 min read

Red is one of my absolute favorite colors for just about anything and everything.  But this time of year, I prefer a deeper shade of burgundy, cherry, or wine.  It just matches my wardrobe perfectly for the season.  So with my fire engine red and candy apple red attire and accessories tucked away for a few months, my closet is now filled with the coziest shades of autumn. Of course, my favorite leather accessories come from Jack Georges and I have them in the perfect shades for the fall. Jack Georges’ cherry and burgundy colors are rich, deep, and elegant.  And while I do carry them year round, they complement the change in foliage very well so I get the sense of living and dressing for the moment which just feels right.

I have a mini collection of Jack Georges' Milano pieces in quite a few bright colors but also in cherry.  The best part about these Milano pieces in the fall is that they have a scratch and stain resistant coating which is very useful when the weather gets rough.

Milano Top Zip Shoulder Handbag #3604 | Jack GeorgesI start with the Top Zip Shoulder Handbag.  This beautiful bag with a classic, clean, and crisp silhouette is perfect for those nippy fall days and looks good with everything.  It's slender with the right amount of drop length (11 inches) to fit perfectly above my jacket without looking frumpy.  There’s a surprising amount of space inside so along with my necessities, I can throw in a small umbrella, scarf, and a pair of gloves, just in case.



Milano Business Card Holder #3706 | Jack GeorgesOf course those necessities include my matching Business Card Holder.  This pocket-sized holder means that I am always prepared to network.  It even has a convenient window for my driver’s license and a credit card slot so I can use it as a mini wallet when they’re all I need. 


And when I need to carry all of my credit cards, rewards cards, receipts, change for the meter, or whatever, I take my trusty Triple Gusset Continental Wallet.  I usually throw it into my bag but since it has a removable chain that lets the wallet double as a purse when I'm headed out for lunch or a quick shopping excursion, it’s very convenient when I want to travel light.

Sienna Woven Wood-Dowel Flap Over Briefcase #W7457 | Jack GeorgesWhen my work day calls for client meetings or events that require a traditional briefcase, I turn to the Sienna Woven Wood-dowel Flap Over Briefcase in cherry.  It is made from classic hand-stained Italian leather for the right balance of sophistication and style.  With its beautiful basket-weave pattern on the flap and brass hardware accents, the bag is simultaneously functional and fabulous for a strong professional impression.


Sienna Classic Briefbag #7505 | Jack GeorgesI even have my certain special someone in on the autumn style with Jack Georges bags (and a few matching accessories on the way for his birthday!)  For those days when he needs to make a power statement at work, he carries the Sienna Classic Briefbag in cherry.  Since his job has some added security requirements, the bag has a keylock which keeps his laptop and files safe and protected.  With its hand stained leather and fine stitching, the bag is like a tailored suit - it gives him an edge in style while carrying his documents.


For everyday use, he carries the Elements Flap Over Briefcase in Burgundy.  It’s exactly what you expect a good quality briefcase to be, with divider compartments to keep the inside of the bag as neat and polished as the outside.  The bag also has the key lock that he needs and a shoulder strap that he can throw across his chest for an easier commute to the office.

Yes, chillier days are here and I have already put away the bright summer colors and snuggled beneath my warm cherry-colored blanket in the evening but I am welcoming autumn with the right style.  Tomorrow, I’ll be dressed in colors that highlight the beauty of the season while I carry my Jack Georges Milano bag and wallet.  The day after?  My Sienna bag because Jack Georges works for me.  Go through the Jack Georges catalog and see what works for you and your special someone this season and all year long.

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