Celebrity Profile: Marilyn Monroe

July 15, 2015 4 min read

I know I’m not the only woman out there pouting my lips, accentuating my curves, and choosing the right shade of red lipstick to somehow capture her aura.  I still get a little jealous when my other half gets wide-eyed when she’s on screen.  I’m talking about Marilyn Monroe – a timeless icon of beauty and femininity for more than fifty years - and for good reason.  She had a sense of beauty and sensuality that women can identify with and when it’s time to get dolled up, I try to add some of her essence to my look.  One of the easiest ways for me to do that is by carrying a clutch as she often did, ever so elegantly.

Maybe it’s Marilyn’s influence, but to me, nothing says femininity like the right clutch.  After all, the right clutch will enhance your look in the same way that a beautiful necklace accentuates your skin.  And for added benefit, a clutch is the perfect size to hold the lipstick, eyeliner, phone, ID, credit cards, and other goodies needed when out about and about, whether to a party or a simple get together.  At the same time, I am practical.  I don’t need a clutch that’s just an empty purse without a handle or strap.  I need a clutch that functions and keeps me organized.  For that, Jack Georges has over a dozen great clutch wallets (I have 6!) that satisfy my practical and stylistic needs - there’s one to match every Marilyn Monroe inspired look that I’m going for. 

Venezia Clutch #676Sometimes, a lady just wants to look classic. Think Marilyn with Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall in “How to Marry a Millionaire.”  While I may not be on the hunt to snag a wealthy suitor (although I wouldn’t turn one down!), I enjoy a luxe style and my Jack Georges clutch wallets help me serve up the glamour.  The Venezia Collection Clutch (#676) is one of my personal favorites.  This beauty is made from traditional American steer hide trimmed with Italian Croco-embossed leather above the snap closure, the perfect complement for a night at the opera. 

The Monserrate Collection Clutch Wallet (#MS716) is an elite (and very unique) alternative, also with snap closure.  This hand-stained Italian leather clutch has a signature serrated finish on the flap that makes it equal parts edgy and elegant.  Because of its stylish versatility, I’ve channeled my inner Marilyn with this bag at both black tie events and professional networking functions.  No millionaire will be safe when you walk into the room carrying either of these Jack Georges masterpieces... that is if you’re looking for one.

Montana Duotone Clutch #DT716Then there are times when a girl enjoys keeping something concealed like Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis did in “Some Like it Hot.”  Granted, they’re not women but they pretended to be in this 1959 comedy.  The two accidentally witness a murder and then pose as women to join Marilyn’s all-female traveling band for cover. It’s no surprise that both of them fall for Marilyn, who doesn’t realize that they are actually men.  Jack Georges’ Montana Duotone Clutch (#DT716) conceals an earthy brown tone leather within a rich black body.  It is the perfect clutch to pair with an elegant black dress and still enjoy the warm color concealed within whenever I open it.  It’s like my own little secret.

Of course, I’m not always dressy.  There are times when I want to be rugged and feminine at the sameSpikes & Sparrow Zip Around Clutch Wallet | Jack Georges time.  Marilyn managed to do it in the 1953 thriller “Niagara,” where she is in a troubled marriage with a jealous husband.  Despite the story line, she manages a great balance of rustic and stylish.  So when I’m striving for the same effect, the Spikes & Sparrow Zip-Around Clutch Wallet (#74724) is just right.  Hand-stained in a natural brown, this clutch is my go-to for occasions that are more casual.  It secures my necessities during a girls’ night out or whenever I toss it into my bag while shopping or at the office.

Even if you (somehow) don’t love Marilyn as much as I do, you had to fall in love with the image of her from “The Seven Year Itch” as she stood over the subway vent grate clutching her beautiful white dress as the train whizzes past beneath her.  What woman doesn’t want to feel as beautiful as she looked in that moment?  If I were to recreate the scene today, I would add a dash of color to it—and the Milano Double Zippered Clutch Wallet #3714 | Jack GeorgesMilano Double Zippered Clutch Wallet (#3714) and Large Zip Around Clutch Wristlet Wallet (#3724) are will do the job.  Both clutches are sleek and look good with just about anything, day and night —whether with friends or on a date.  Choose from traditional hues like black, cherry, and cognac, or more spirited ones like green, orange, red, and yellow that will really stand out against a beautiful dress whether you walk a little too close to vents or not.  Oh…that Marilyn.

 Large Zip Around Clutch Wristlet Wallet #3724 | Jack Georges

So while (some) Gentlemen may prefer blondes, ladies prefer clutches.  They add function and a touch of sophistication to our look.  So, on behalf of women everywhere, I thank you, Marilyn, for giving us a style to be inspired by as we carve out our own take on the feminine.  And thank you to Jack Georges, for giving me the perfect leather accessories to make me look as beautiful as I feel.

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