Style Guide 101 - Day To Night Bags

July 22, 2015 4 min read

My day doesn’t end when I leave the office. Between networking events, casual get-togethers with colleagues, and dinner plans with friends, the closing bell is really the start of a new part of my day.  For that reason, it’s so important to carry the right bag—one that keeps me organized and works hard all day while also looking good all night.  After all, time just doesn’t allow me to run home between work and play.  Women, these days are always on the move and we need bags that can keep up with our fast pace and changing schedules.

On a day like today, with the sun shining brightly on my way to work and much of the same expected when I leave the office, I want to go anywhere but home after hours.  I’ll grab a bag like the one I’m carrying now—the Chelsea Manhattan Business Tote #5881 —in warm orange leather which is another ray of sunshine to brighten up my day and keep me energized.   It’s also offered in other colors both fun and serious, if you’re so inclined.  Either way, the bag has a cool three-way zip silhouette which opens wide, so it holds everything I need in the office and all within easy reach.  It’s so comfortable and spacious that if I feel like getting some fresh air, I can easily throw in my tablet and files and walk to the park nearby for a working lunch.  Later, if my path just happens to lead me to happy hour with co-workers, the bag’s scratch and stain resistant leather give me peace of mind that it will return to its professional persona in the morning with no embarrassing remnants of tonight’s misadventures. 

Chelsea Alexis Business Tote #5886 offers similar bright color options and while it’s a full-size business tote, the design is reminiscent of timeless classic handbags.  It’s definitely work appropriate—it even has a built-in padded compartment for an up to a 14” screen laptop. And if my post-work plans involve a date or something else where I want my outfit to make a stylish impression, this is the perfect complementary bag.  Paired with a pencil skirt and pumps, it really revs up the feminine fab professional look that works both in the office and out.

Alexis isn’t the only work bag that can serve up date night style.  Jack Georges’ East West Business Tote from the Milano Collection is sleek and chic with beautiful duality.  First, the bag is available in red for a dose of sizzling style. Pair the bag with a strapless black dress and a cute blazer for a great workplace look; lose the blazer after hours and, trust me, both you and the bag transform into stunning showstoppers!


When I’m feeling inspired by Scandal’s Olivia Pope and her White House haute couture, I don the Croco Paulina Dome Tote #2664. This bag sends the message that not only am I in charge, but that I have a sophisticated fashion sense! Animal patterns connote elegance and Paulina’s Crocodile embossed Italian leather elevate any look to a higher level.  For work, the bag is abundantly spacious so I can organize whatever I need inside.  After work, its lightweight body makes it a comfortable companion that carries my makeup bag, keys, and phone.  Best of all, the crocodile print is absolutely gorgeous and looks good with anything in my closet, so I can feel free to mix and match or go for a solid color outfit with the Paulina Dome Tote in black or brown. 

For a little understated elegance with just the right hint of crocodile, the Prestige Madison Avenue Tote #5952 is my bag of choice.  This tote is made in deep brown or in black saffian, cross-grain leather that is very upscale while still offering the practicality of stain and scratch resistance. But my favorite styling features are the cleverly placed Italian croco embossed leather that would be right at home in a deluxe penthouse on New York’s Madison Avenue.  This tote is a great look for a day filled with power plays.  With the right pair of high heels and a pressed pant suit, I’m delivering executive-chic in the office.  And later, I can let my hair down, leave my blazer in the car, and have a cocktail with colleagues to unwind while still looking like the boss.

When I need a working conversation piece, for all day and all night sophistication, Monserrate Business Tote #MS916 is my go-to bag.  This tote’s domed silhouette features unique character lines that are hand-serrated into gorgeous hand-stained Italian leather.  The bag stands out in the board room and in the tea room.  And when work is done and I’m off to a wine-tasting function or a networking event, this beautiful bag gets plenty of attention for all of the right reasons.

As women, we are always multi-tasking, always moving, always figuring out how to be in three places at the same time.  We can do it well—and with Jack Georges’ quality leather totes at our side, we can also look fabulous at work and after hours.  Jack Georges designs bags that are made for our busy lives… and for our sense of style.  So if you’re a busy bee like me, there are quite a few Jack Georges bags with your name on them… all you have to do is take a look.

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