Earth Day is Every Day At Jack Georges!

April 22, 2015 3 min read

Earth day comes once a year and it should be a cause for all to celebrate, even in the smallest way, because it is everyone's job to take care of the Earth for its own sake, for humanity, and for the creatures that share this world. That is why at Jack Georges, we recognize our responsibilities and are striving to be as eco-friendly as we can.  We are making progress because our commitment to Mother Nature isn’t just on Earth Day… it is an effort that we are increasing every day.


Jack Georges makes it a point to ensure that all of our leathers are byproduct and not sourced for the skins alone - this includes our alligator and ostrich leathers as well.  We are also increasing our use of natural vegetable tanned leathers that are sourced from tanneries that are also working to improve processes and help keep the environment clean.  Tanning is the process used to convert a raw hide into the piece of leather that is used on the final product.  Vegetable tanning means that natural ingredients, or tannins, derived from vegetables are used for the finishing of the leather.  This process is not only environmentally friendly, but it also helps maintain the natural qualities of the hide, and delivers a leather that is stronger and more durable than leather produced through other tanning processes.


The strength of vegetable tanned leather is evident in styles like those in our Belting Collection.  The collection takes its name from the type of leather that it is made from - natural belting leather.  Strong by its very nature, this leather was originally designed to be used with machinery and for other jobs where a sturdy, durable material was required.  While our bags and accessories won't be used for driving pulleys, our customers work just as hard and need items that will handle the demands of their careers and the daily grind.  The Belting Collection offers choices like the 9004 Triple Gusset Flap Over Briefcase and the 9005 Triple Gusset Classic Leather Briefbag.   Both options are sturdy, functional, and secure thanks to their solid brass combination locks.  But they aren’t just about brawn.  These bags have sophisticated silhouettes and are available in beautiful brown and tan earth tones or classic black on full leather lining.  Either way, these bags are completely eco-friendly.


The Jack Georges Belmont Collection also uses full-grain vegetable tanned leather.  Each skin has natural imperfections that are part of the look and style.  The leather is not corrected, which leaves it stronger and more attractive.  Our reverence for the natural look and feel of the materials, coupled with quality craftsmanship, ensure that every piece will actually begin to look better and build a rich patina as it ages.  The fact is, the older that a Belmont piece gets, the better it will look.  With solid brass hardware and full leather lining, the Belmont collection should make Mother Nature proud especially since like every thing natural in this world, no two pieces in this diverse collection of business cases, totes, handbags, or writing pads, can be exactly the same.  They also compliment your style whether you need to be dressed to the nines or in a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt.


If you're looking for something more casual and vintage in style, the Voyager collection is not to be missed.  Every item in the collection is made from eco-friendly full-grain buffalo leather that is all about the richness and natural beauty of each skin.  The vegetable tanning process and even the handling and crumpling of the skins by individual hands help to make sure that every piece is unique.  With plenty of style and function in the large number of bags, wallets, and accessories that we offer, you can feel great that you've made an environmentally conscious decision that will also work for you, every day, no matter where you go and what you do.


We all have a duty to do what we can to protect the environment - to make smart, eco-friendly choices that preserve the world that we all share.  It is our only home. At Jack Georges, this thinking is driving our choices. Using eco-friendly practices does not mean compromising on quality or style; in fact, our finished items prove that these practices enhance the products that we deliver to our customers.  Take a look at the wide array of items that Jack Georges makes so that you can be a stylish environmentalist and make fashionably green choices that will meet your needs.


Happy Earth Day!

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