Best Leather Accessories for Accountants during Tax Season

April 08, 2015 4 min read

Itemized deductions.  Charitable contributions. Adjusted gross incomes. It’s that time of year again—the only time when terms like these are a part of everyone’s vocabulary. But for you, these words are a way of life. You’re an accountant—the person who balances the books and makes sure the numbers add up. The person trusted to ensure the longevity of one of the most valued bonds known to man: the one between taxpayers and their money.  With a responsibility so heavy, you need the perfect briefcase to help you bear the burden. And for that, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re the neighborhood accountant with the long client list, or the dedicated professional for a select few, Jack Georges is your source for the greatest combination of function and fashion.

With Jack Georges, a briefcase is not just a briefcase—it is a superbly hand-crafted, thoughtfully designed business companion made from premium leather and polished hardware, and intended to last a lifetime. Of course, it will feature a padded protective pocket for your laptop; an easy access organizer to keep your business cards, mobile devices, and pens from getting lost; and space for your much needed client files. But each individual bag bearing the Jack Georges label has a unique personality to complement the unique needs of the specific accountant carrying it.

The Accomplished Advisor needs a briefcase that says “follow my lead and you’ll reap the benefits ofhard work and dedication.” Enter the Venezia Collection #681 Veronica Business Wheeler. Designed for the professional woman-on-the-go, this luxurious bag is made from the marriage of full-grain vegetable tanned Tuscan and American Napa leathers. It features embossed Croco leather—a texture that emulates the durability and luxe of crocodile skin—and is then hand-stained, brushed, and tipped to its finish. The combination of black leather with brown Croco accents is stunning and head-turning, and will have your clients and associates alikecaptivated by every bit of financial advice you have to offer. 

Another great option for an accomplished advisor with an elite book of clients is the University Collection #2487 Triple Gusset Briefcase. Your clients are executives with sophisticated financial records that require the utmost discretion. This classic case will give that to you—and to them. Its key feature is a number combination lock, a rare find on contemporary briefcases. Keep your clients’ information securely protected…and do so in style. The bag comes from Jack Georges’ inaugural University collection and is made from the definitive choice in classic American leathers: American Steer Hide. Strong and durable with a polished look in either of its two color choices—black or brown—this briefcase combines sophistication with security for the seasoned accounting professional.


The Astute Auditor. Straightforward and clean. This kind of bookkeeping makes your job easier, and this type of briefcase does, too. That’s what makes the Elements Collection #4403 Flap Over Briefcase perfect for you. Made from quality European leather that is known for durability and scratch- and stain-resistance, this case takes its job as seriously as you do. Its modern design is sleek with edges that are just as sharp as your eyes are as they peel through income statements for inconsistencies. After examining your options, the only question you should be asking yourself is which of its three color options—black, burgundy, or cognac—complements your wardrobe.

The Entrepreneurial Accountant.Maybe you run your own firm. Or maybe you are a volunteer tax preparer for residents of the local retired living community. Either way, you have quite a bit of paperwork to haul around. So when size matters, the University Collection #2499 Oversized Flap Over Briefcase is your solution.  At 17 1/4” x 12” x 8”, it’s the largest case available and the one designed to shoulder your heaviest loads.  It features a padded center pocket designed to protect a laptop of up to 17”, a larger size computer than many briefcases can handle.  Plus, just like the accomplished advisor’s #2487, it is available in black or brown and has the classic style and superb quality leather that defines Jack Georges’ University Collection.


For a bag that is just as large and portable, the Elements #4857 Business Wheeler is the answer. It, too, is the largest of its kind and has a padded compartment for an up to 17” laptop. But as its name conveys, this bag sits on inline skate wheels and features a telescoping handle to give you the mobility you need for frequent traveling. Crafted from the Elements Collection’s high quality, durable, scratch resistant leather,its classic and chic design will emanate sophistication in any of the collection’s three available hues: black, burgundy, and cognac.

The New Accountant on the Blockneeds a briefcase that will grow with you. Whether you have just landed your first job or are simply starting over with a new team, it’s time to start earning your stripes. The Belting Collection #9002 Top Zip Briefcase will be there with you to do the same. Literally. This bag is made from vegetable-tanned belting leather that ages beautifully. Every line and crease will have a story behind it—your story. Built to last, this bag will be your constant career companion and will be the testimony of your experience due to the rich patina that it develops over time. Snag the #9002 in black, brown, or tan and get ready for the exciting journey through success that the two of you will share.


You spend your day organizing your clients’ lives and helping them make the right financial choices to ensure their continued success. Here’s your chance to do the same for yourself. Find your perfect Jack Georges briefcase or wheeler that will help you keep your professional life organized and be your companion through a career rich with accomplishment. So now that you know some of the options,which Jack Georges bag matches your accounting career?

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