How To Choose The Right Travel Bag

September 28, 2014 3 min read

With the Holiday season just around the corner, we all need to be prepared for the busiest travel time of the year. Whether it’s visiting family and friends or escaping the cold to a tropical island somewhere before your vacation days expire at the end of the year, there are many things to keep in mind when selecting a bag for the trip.  The right bag will actually make your entire trip so much easier.  We’ve assembled this list of travel bags to help you make a smart choice for what you really need when you’re traveling.


Travel Bag Trends

Jack Georges offers a variety of travel bags and accessories from garment covers to cabin bags and backpacks to wheeled carry-ons, in full leather, cotton-backed sueded fabric, and 1680 denier wrinkle free ballistic nylon.  


Carry-On and Casual travel bags:

Carry-on bags are great for your over night stay or weekend getaway. If you’re on the road, they will work well in your car, on a bus, or a train without taking more space than you actually need.  If you’re catching a flight, then you probably want to avoid high check-in fees as well.  These bags will carry and protect your essentials wherever you may go while making a statement about you and your appreciation for quality.  

Our Nevada Collection #5818 carry-on has three-way zip closure that makes it easy to get in and out of your bag without making a mess or trying to force things into corners to make use of the space inside.  A squared off body means greater capacity within carry-on limit dimensions.




The #5522 22"wheeler from our Nevada collection, makes sure that your wheeled bag has the right amount of organization.  Too few pockets and everything will get thrown into one compartment but too many organizer pockets eat up space and take away the flexibility you may need when packing your things.


Make sure your garment cover is long enough to carry suits or dresses to keep them clean and protect them from wrinkles.  You’ll also want to be sure that the cover can accommodate more than one piece when you need it without the cover being bulky when you don’t.



Day Bags and Cabin Bags:

There are times when you need a beautiful bag that can work for multiple purposes: personal travel, business travel, or a longer day trip.  The best solution is a bag with soft construction and a large central compartment for added flexibility to carry even larger items with ease.  Choose a color and style that fits your personality because you’ll probably carry these types of bags more often than you would think.




Toiletry cases and Cosmetic travel bags:

These bags will always be popular favorites because there are some things that you need to take with you for hygiene and to maintain your appearance, no matter where you go. 


Choosing a toiletry bag can be tricky since it can be hard to gauge just how much you'll need to take with you – but if you choose one that’s soft and flexible, it won’t waste space when you only need to carry a few things inside. 


For the right cosmetic bag when traveling, it helps to have a semi-structured body that will hold its shape and protect what’s inside.  Also, be sure that it’s long enough to hold lip or eyeliners when you need them.  



If you’re looking for a smaller bag for a short trip, maybe just for over night stays, then one of the most useful bags that you can carry would be a nice, well-organized backpack.  It’s perfect for a change of clothes, a laptop and/or tablet, or files and books.  It’s stylish, trendy, and convenient, especially since you can travel, hands free. Be sure to choose one that is classy, you don’t want to look like you’re back in grade school with a characterless schoolbag.




Cross Body Bags:

When you’re traveling to some destinations, you often need a bag that will carry essentials that you may need to have with you at all times.  Why not choose a bag that can also be carried every day when you’re not traveling?  Cross Body bags have become lifestyle bags.  They will keep you hands free and ensure that everything remains safe and secure across your body.


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