How To Choose The Right Tote Bag For Your Needs

July 25, 2014 4 min read

Tote bags are a must have for every woman.  The right Tote bag should have the ability to be versatile, stylish, and practical all at once.  But how do you choose?  We asked Jack Georges for the ultimate guide to choosing the best tote for women’s needs.  Here’s what he had to say:

Is the tote for work?  Travel? Shopping?  Know when, where, and why you will need to carry the bag most of the time.  If you need a bag to go to and from the office every day and will be using it to carry files, folders, books, and maybe a laptop, then be sure that the bag is primarily designed for that use.  Using a large open bag for work will not help you stay organized.  You will need pockets and compartments where you can separate things and find them quickly when you need them.  

What size bag do you really need?  If you will only use the tote bag for travel, then make sure it is large enough to carry the things you would normally take with you.  If you regularly carry a tablet, your mobile, and maybe a book or a magazine, along with your wallet, then make sure you choose a slim tote so that you don’t carry things that you don’t need just because you have space for them.   

What’s your style?  Make sure the bag looks right with your clothes and shoes.  If you’re dressy, then choose a design that’s crisp and refined.  If you’re business casual, then consider something more classic so that it will compliment your look if you dress up or if you dress down.  If you’re almost always in jeans and a t-shirt, then something with vintage styling will be perfect.

Open bag or zippered closure?  If you need only a shopper tote, then an open bag is fine.  But if you’re going to use that bag for anything else, make sure it has some kind of secure closure.  A tote bag with zip closure will allow you to keep everything secure inside and if you want to keep the bag open, simply keep it unzipped.  

Leather or Fabric? For longevity, durability, and sophistication, always choose a good quality leather bag. A good investment will last you a lifetime. If you prefer the lighter weight of fabric, then be sure to choose a bag with leather trim for the added benefits of a strong shoulder strap and trim that will add character, resilience, and style.


Classic Tote Bag

The Belmont Collection #B2965 Dowel Tote

The Belmont Collection Dowel Tote is hand crafted in the USA from American bull hide for superior strength, durability, and a whole lot of character.  The main compartment has plenty of space to carry and organize your things and keep them all secured with its top zip closure.  Pockets and pen loops can also hold your eyeliner, lipstick, wallet, receipts, sunglasses, and keys.  A front pocket with turn-lock provides a place for keeping anything you may need – like that ringing cell phone – quickly and easily accessible.  The bag will work equally well with a dressy or casual outfit.  With a lifetime warranty, this classic tote will last a lifetime.  


Travel Tote/Large Day Bag

The Windsor Collection #W4921 Large Satchel Tote

Need to carry a lot of things?  Our Windsor Large Satchel Tote is what you need.  With a light weight plaid printed fabric and full-grain leather trim, you’ll also look good carrying it.  Its adjustable straps give you some flexibility for the right fit for your height or if you need to wear a jacket or a thick coat as the seasons change.  This tote is perfect for women on the go, with a secured top zip closure, your essentials will be kept secure.  There’s even a padded compartment for when you need to carry your laptop and a designated pocket for your tablet.  Outside pockets will keep your water bottle, cell phone, receipts, tickets, and wallet or ID within easy reach.  Whether you’re a commuter, traveler, or someone that needs a bag for different purposes, this large tote will get the job done.  



Business Tote

Milano Collection #3902 Madison Avenue Tote

The Milano Collection #3902 Madison Avenue Tote is our best-selling women’s Business case for a reason.  Its timeless shape and functional design makes it stylish and practical at the same time.  The bag is hand made from scratch and resistant Italian leather for a clean, tailored look.  It has a padded compartment that holds up to 15.6” screen laptops (even a 17” Macbook Pro!) or legal size files and folders.  There is a designated tablet pocket as well.  Our Easy Access Organizer with pockets, pen loops, and a large zippered compartment inside means you’ll be ready for work.  Best of all, dressy doesn’t have to mean boring.  The bag is available in black, cherry, green, orange, and red leather so you can choose one that matches your personality!  Who needs a boring old briefcase when you can get the same function from such a gorgeous tote? 

No matter your needs, Jack Georges has the bag for you… and with our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that you’ve made a smart investment!

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