10 Reasons to Choose Jack Georges vs. the Competition


Jack Georges is a traditional leather goods company that has stood the test of time. While competitors have come and gone over the decades, Jack Georges has survived and thrived. To best explain what makes the brand special, here are 10 ways that Jack Georges is different from the competition:


1. Jack Georges is a privately owned and operated American brand and manufacturer headquartered in Passaic, New Jersey.

The company is named after its founder, Jack Georges, who has been president and CEO since the beginning. While many competitors are owned by foreign entities, Mr. Georges is proud that the company remains American owned and operated.


2. Jack Georges is first and foremost a leather company.

Very few consumers realize that the vast majority of leather goods that they buy aren't made by the brand on the label. Designer brand names are predominantly marketing or licensing companies that know very little about leather or the particular category of goods being made. Their brand is simply filling retail stores or online sites to sell their name at a premium. 


3. Jack Georges has been in business since 1987.

The 1980's may not seem that long ago, but in the highly competitive leather goods industry, you have to be doing something right to be successful for so long. Most startups never get off the ground or fail in a matter of months. Those with funding may survive for years at other people's expense. Jack Georges was set up to be self-sustaining from the start. Unlike most competitors, the company has never needed bank loans, investors, or fund-raising. That means it hasn't had to compromise quality to pay bills or satisfy shareholders.


4. Three generations of leather goods knowhow and experience.

When Jack Georges decided to establish the company, he was already a third generation leather maker. He had accumulated the old-world knowledge, expertise, and solutions passed on by his father, uncles, and grandparents. Furthermore, the company hired experienced leather artisans and craftsmen that also had history in quality leatherwork. This is evident in each Jack Georges item made.


5. Every Jack Georges style is designed, sourced, and sampled at the factory headquarters in New Jersey.

Most competitors are sales and marketing companies. They stay hands-off for the development process and let a revolving door of developers worry about it for them. Jack Georges does not subscribe to that strategy. Every item bearing the Jack Georges name is designed, sourced, and sampled at the factory headquarters in New Jersey. This is key to constant and consistent quality.


6. All Jack Georges leather goods are hand made.

There is a level of artistry that exists in hand made products. No two items will be exactly the same. Each has its own personality and that makes it more personal. Unlike most competitors, Jack Georges does not utilize robotics to make any of the items. There is always at least one leather craftsman working every step of the process. 


7. Jack Georges products are not contracted to the lowest bidder.

Most competitors have their items produced by multiple suppliers under contract to the lowest bidders. One piece is made at one factory while another is made elsewhere. That makes it impossible to control and when their suppliers change, the finished items can be a hodgepodge of bits and pieces. Jack Georges makes all products in-house or as part of a controlled joint-venture with top factories. Unlike competitors, Jack Georges puts most of its efforts and resources into the products it makes, not into marketing or advertising. 


8. Jack Georges has a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Back in 1987, Jack Georges was the first bag maker to offer a lifetime warranty. Retailers loved the idea but thought it was impossible. The company has a distinct advantage though: since it controls every aspect of the design and development process, products are designed to last. Of course, some competitors have tried offering a lifetime warranty only to find that they couldn't support it, most changing it to one or two years instead. New companies come in promising the world but then discover that they can't follow through. A lifetime warranty isn't just a tag on a paper, it is something that Jack Georges has continually offered and supported over the last 5 decades.


9. Jack Georges warranty service is usually completed in one business day.

Most competitors take weeks or even months to do the repair work on an item, often having to ship container loads of items needing repair overseas where the work is done and then shipped back to the U.S. At Jack Georges, the repair department pushes to get repairs completed within one business day from when an item is received. The only time it takes longer is if a part is not in stock and needs to be sourced from a supplier.


10. Jack Georges' staff can easily be reached at any time via email or by phone during regular business hours.

It's surprising how difficult it is to reach anyone at a company these days. At Jack Georges, you can always email jgi@jackgeorges.com or call 973-777-6999 during regular business hours. The customer service department is very knowledgeable of the product line and are always ready to offer advice.


Choosing a leather product that meets your needs is the first step but remember, it's the company standing behind that product that matters in the long run. Jack Georges offers quality, functional, hand made leather goods, at a fair value and when you need the company, it is always there for support.