April 06, 2021 3 min read

Quick Tips on How To Clean and Care For Your Leather Bag
First and foremost, leather skins need to breathe and to do that; they should be clean.  Use a soft cloth to gently wipe away any dust and dirt before treating the leather with a natural balm lotion that is free of chemicals, oils, or waxes.  Jack Georges Leather Lotion will help maintain and preserve the leather’s soft grain and pliable body.  Protect your investment and keep your leather in excellent condition with these natural care tips for prolonging the life of your leather items.

Condition the leather regularly. 

Jack Georges Leather Lotion
Use a quality conditioning product created specifically for leather.  We recommend a natural balm leather lotion, that doesn’t contain oils, chemicals, or waxes to avoid shortening the life of the leather product.  A natural balm lotion is safe and can be applied with your hands or a clean, soft cloth – but be sure that the fabric does not bleed any color before using it.  After massaging the leather lotion over the entire leather surface, allow it to dry on its own (See our Tips for Drying Leather).  If the leather has a scratch and stain resistant coating, you can wipe any excess lotion with a clean cloth.  In arid climates, you should treat the leather every couple of months.  In humid regions, once every six months will suffice.  Please note that naked leathers, unusually light-colored Belting, should not be treated with any lotions to avoid darkening the leather.

Remove water or excess moisture from leather quickly.

What happens to leather when it gets wet?
Whenever rain, snow, or excess moisture get on your leather item, use a dry cloth to blot, not rub, wet spots as quickly as possible. Remember moisture from winter weather may contain ice melt or salt-based products that are harmful to leather and should be blotted with a damp cloth and allowed to air-dry. Do not place your leather bag near a heat source or out in the sun to dry, especially if it is a coated leather. Also, never put a leather briefcase, tote, or handbag on wet ground or a snowy surface.


Fully air-dry rain-soaked leather.

Voyager Zippered Crossbody Hobo Bag #7832


Lay the bag on the floor or a table so that it is flat – this will avoid drooping, slouching, or wrinkling. Do not place it near a radiator, heater, or in the clothes dryer, as their heat will damage the leather. If you’re drying a briefcase, tote, or handbag, it is best to stuff it with a dry cloth to help it maintain its shape and draw out moisture from inside of the bag. You can use newsprint but be sure that the ink will not run or you risk staining the inside of the bag.


Wipe the inside of your leather bag or briefcase at least once a month.

Cleaning the inside of your leather bag is essential. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the lining of the leather bag to remove any dust and residue that may have been left there from items carried inside the bag. Then prop the bag open and allow the interior to naturally air-dry. Do not sun dry or use a blow dryer to remove moisture from your leather accessory.

Store leather briefcases and bags when not in use.


When you're not using your leather bag or briefcase, tuck the straps inside the bag and then place it in a closet away from sunlight, humidity, dust, and dirt. Sunlight can cause the color to fade and damage the leather, so it’s best to keep it inside a box or a fabric dust bag for more protection. If you don't have a dust bag, you can use an old pillowcase to keep dust and dirt from damaging your leather. Remember, always avoid placing leather items next to a heat source, such as a radiator or furnace/heating vent, and areas that are prone to high humidity or mold as they will damage the leather. Leather items should be stored in a cool, dry place. Excessive heat is an enemy of leather.


With these basic tips for maintaining and prolonging the life of your leather, your briefcase, tote, handbag, or personal leather accessory will serve you for years to come. Enjoy the quality and handcrafted beauty of Jack Georges Leather!