June 28, 2017 3 min read

As Americans across the country prepare for festive barbecues, fireworks, and many other 4th of July celebrations, Jack Georges reflects on what this occasion means to him celebrating 30 years of business in the USA. It is Independence Day for the nation that values freedom, strength, and prosperity. Jack Georges knows this personally. Hear his story.

Everyone has their own “American dream,” but the end results and the traits required to achieve them are often the same: knowledge, freedom, strength, success, and prosperity.  We instill these characteristics into every item that we make, especially those in our Made in the USA collections.  When every brand had abandoned making product in the USA, Jack Georges insisted that he would not shut down our US factory.  These collections reflect our pride, patriotism, and appreciation for the land that made Jack Georges’ dream possible.  Take a tour throughout our Made in the USA leather accessories and choose something that will accompany you on your journey to reach your American Dream.

The Jack Georges Made in the USA collections are handcrafted at our factory in New Jersey using only full-grain leathers. Full-grain leathers are not corrected - the untouched grain allows the fiber to keep its full strength and durability. Imperfections in the leather add to the character of the bags. Whether your preference is for a traditional brief bag, a flap over, or a top-zip leather business case with drop down handles, these classic briefcases and accessories are of the highest quality and are offered in a variety of different leathers and colors to suit your taste.

The Belmont collection is hand made from double-shoulder cuts of vegetable re-tanned American bull hide. The resulting bags are as sturdy and durable as they are classic. Handcrafted from uncorrected leather, the fibers in the even grain to keep its full strength and durability while supporting the character of the leather and enabling it to shine through. With an assortment of leather bags to choose from to suit your particular style and purpose. Items are accented with solid brass turn-locks to keep your items secure. Hand-stitched detailing adds a touch of timeless Americana. 


Made from vegetable tanned belting leather that grows in personality and charm as it ages. The Belting collectionappeal lies in its vibrant patina that develops with use. Sculpted from full-grain leather, its strength, and stability was originally used to drive pulleys and machinery. Whether your inclination is for a traditional briefcase to befit your style or a writing pad cover, these styles are of the finest quality and are designed to last a lifetime. 

For those who want the very best, the Exotics collection is unique as it is distinctive. If your interest is in genuine American Alligator or Ostrich skin, each piece is as individual as it is distinguished. The plates on each of our Louisiana Alligator skins has a pattern only seen on that one piece of leather which is buffed and polished to a deep, exquisite shine. Every single Ostrich has a distinctive design of quills. No two pieces in our Exotics collection are the same. Individually handmade in the USA by our top leather craftsmen. When you want the utmost in luxury, beauty, elegance, and real sophistication but still need function and durability, look no further than the Exotics collection.

The Platinum collection is made from American steer hide that is world renown and is recognized as the standard for classic American hides.  Well known for its durability and strength, the uncorrected full-grain leather bolsters its classic styling. These business cases are of the finest quality and are designed to last a lifetime. 

Also crafted from American Steer Hide the University collection is a true classic. It is the first collection made by Jack Georges. Paving the way for other Made in the USA assortments, on the foundation of quality leather, excellent craftsmanship and professional function the styles in this collection are of the finest quality and are designed to serve a lifetime. 

After 30 years, we're still proud to say that we manufacture some of our most popular collections in the USA. Happy Independence Day America!


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