Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

September 23, 2015 4 min read

I will admit it -- as much as I love the bright colors of summer, I'm an autumn girl! From the luxe fabrics that debut with the cooler weather, to the deep and warm colors that mirror the changing leaves, I gladly welcome Fall with open arms!

The transition in seasons has an obvious impact on fashion and my preferred leather designer is there to keep up with accessories to match all facets of my lifestyle.  From professional bags to casual cross bodies to date night styles, check out some of my fall favorites and how I use them. 

For Work

Siena Woven Dowel Tote | Jack GeorgesIn fashion, wovens are a clear indication that summer is behind us and the mercury will be dropping.  That's one of the reasons that the Sienna Woven #W7664 is one of my go to bags for the office.  I love the timeless design and the hand stained Italian leather used in its construction. Its deep, dark cherry hue adds sophistication which is critical when I'm at the office.  The interior is one wide compartment that will hold my files, accessories, and all of my personal things inside.  It’s flexible enough for me to throw in a change of clothes when I need it.  The bag is simply gorgeous, so if I am taking a well-deserved social detour after work, it’s the perfect companion.


For a unique and elegant work bag, the Monserrate Large Business Tote #MS916  is beautiful and functional. Although this bag means Monserrate Large Business Tote business, it takes style and sophistication to another level.  Its signature serrated leather is a stunning accent to its slim, curved design for an added touch of luxury.  The three-way zip opening makes it easy to access everything inside. A full organizer will keep things where I need them and there’s space to hold my files and small laptop or tablet comfortably. With its classic cognac color, I pair it with my earth tone shoes and rich brown pant suits. I’ll add a scarf for that perfect look as I stroll through the vibrant orange and red leaves flowing with the wind.


For Play

Autumn is the time of year to bring out the animal prints and that’s why Jack Georges’ Venezia and Croco Collections work so well this season.  Both collections feature luxurious crocodile embossed Italian leather for chic style. Whether the crocodile print stands alone or is used in combination with classic American steer hide leather, it flatters my entire fall wardrobe.


Croco Paulina Dome Tote #2664 | Jack GeorgesThe Croco Paulina Dome Tote #2664 completes my inner fall fashionista. When I'm getting dressed up for a brunch date at a cozy cafe, it is my bag of choice. This elegant and hand-crafted tote adds a mark of sophistication to my outfits that is second to none. Its beautiful dome shape shows off the crocodile leather that embraces its entire form. Amazingly, it has ample room inside for whatever I need to carry and a wide opening so I can everything inside.  


When I know my night will be filled with dancing and mingling, I can count on the Venezia Cicilia Wallet on a String #672 to be my trusted Venezia Cicilia Wallet on a String #672 | Jack Georgessidekick.  On this little gem, soft black leather shares the stage with Croco trim.  It's the perfect size for all my date-night necessities and doesn’t get in my way when I’m getting my groove on.  Best of all, since it’s a cross body, I can go anywhere and do anything, hands free!   


For Everyday

Venezia Serena Crossover Bage #622 | Jack GeorgesWhen my day has me on the move, I can also benefit from being hands-free with another great piece from the Venezia Collection.  The Serena Crossover Bag #622 works perfectly in so many settings--from a cool day strolling the boardwalk to running last-minute errands at the mall.  It easily carries my wallet, cell phone, keys, and even my mini umbrella, just in case.  It’s also great for travel since the crocodile print looks really good when I want to go out for the evening and need a bag that is practical and sophisticated.


Another everyday choice is the Open Top Tote #B2971 from the Belmont Collection.  This bag’s soft, barrel-shaped leather body and crisp Belmont Open Top Tote #2971 | Jack Georgesvegetable tanned leather trim turn heads wherever I go.  There’s something very cool and eye-catching about its decorative belt design.  This tote looks retro-chic with a pair of jeans and button shirt.  It will also carry what I need for the day, or a night, out and about. Plus, with its warm cognac color, I can wear it with everything in my autumn wardrobe.


Just because we have said goodbye to summer, that doesn't mean we have to say goodbye to style. In reality, we should embrace autumn and show off a wider sense of fashion. Whatever your personal style or your practical needs, you will want accessories that are both fashionable and functional for fall. Find your new favorite bag from Jack Georges!

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