How To Choose The Right Leather For Your Needs

December 08, 2014 1 min read

So you want to purchase a fine leather bag and you've narrowed your selection down to a few different bags, but have no idea how to choose which type is right for your needs. The right answer will have to do with the type of leather that the bag is made from and how that will fit your style.  Jack was kind enough to take a few minutes to explain the differences between the two main leather types and how to choose the one that will fit your needs, including which is best for business or casual dress.

This video will help you decide which bag is best for you! 

If you're looking for a leather bag that gets better as it ages, then you will want a bag made from full grain leather.  Full-grain leathers offer strength and flexibility while building a rich, beautiful patina as they age.  For a more casual bag made from full-grain leather, you should consider one from our Voyager,Arizona, or Spikes & Sparrow Collections that feature vintage styling with rough and tough construction.  If you would like a classic look, you will want a bag from our Belmont, Belting, Croco, Monserrate, Platinum, Sienna, University, or Venezia collections. 



If you prefer a bag with crisp styling and a dressier look, then a scratch & stain resistant leather will be better suited for your needs.  Items made in these leathers are easy to maintain and will always stay sharp.  If you're looking for a bag that offers a sleek, sophisticated style, we recommend one from our Chelsea, Elements, Milano and Prestige Collections.


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