Holiday Guide: Six Writing Pads that make Great Gifts

April 07, 2017 3 min read

Whether you’re hoping to get a jump on your holiday shopping or just want to find a special gift for someone dear to you, nothing sends a message that you want the best for them like genuine quality.


In this first installment of our Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll focus on a great gift for the consummate professional: a quality leather writing pad cover.  While we all love digital devices, they still make you look like you’re sending a text message or posting on social media - so they’re not welcome in every environment. Writing pads remain central for those that do a lot of note-taking. Of course they remain the favorite of writers that find them indispensable for scribbling ideas, but they’re also core for those that are regularly in meetings and presentations, including office executives, attorneys, journalists, administrators, teachers, and even students.  

Everyone appreciates the value of having the ability to quickly jot down thoughts that need to be revisited and shared.  Quite simply, you can’t go wrong with a nice writing pad cover from Jack Georges.  They’re designed to fit a standard letter-size notepad and have a built in pocket with business card holder.  Plus, like everything else that bears the Jack Georges name, they’re made from superb quality leather and are built to last.

So now you just have to choose one…and the right option comes down to the recipient’s personality.

As Luxe Would Have It…

Croco Letter Size Writing Pad #2511 | Jack Georges

If you’re looking for a writing pad cover for someone who is sophisticated and stylish, the Croco Collection #2511 is the perfect complement.  Available in black with croco-embossed Italian leather, this cover makes a statement when while being carried in hand or when it’s placed on a desk waiting to be opened.  

Bold and Beautiful

 Milano Letter Writing Pad Holder #3111 | Jack Georges

Talk about confidence! Milano’s #3111, especially in red, was made for the woman who deserves attention.  And because it will be her constant companion, its satin smooth scratch and stain resistant Italian leather ensures that it can endure all her hard work while snap closure keeps the contents of the cover secure.  Prefer darker tones?  Opt for black or cherry for a more traditional look.

Understated Elegance


For the professional that exudes refinement - the type of person that prefers to be clear instead of demanding- the choice is Elements Collection #4111.  This cover is simultaneously classy and sophisticated.  It’s available in classic black or beautiful shades of burgundy and cognac.  Choose the color that best matches their shoes and accessories when they are in their professional attire.


The Limited Edition #20240 is classic simplicity.   Sleek and straightforward in solid black,

this option is a great choice when they tend to wear more casual and less dressy.


The Seasoned Professional


The Belting Collection is known for the rich patina that its natural vegetable-tanned leather builds as it ages.  That’s what makes style #9111 perfect for the executive who is in it for the long run or the up and coming individual that wants a personal item that will serve as a companion until their retirement.  Made in traditional brown and lined with tan suede, this timeless cover will have many wonderful stories to tell as it gains the scratches and patina that make this leather sought while protecting the valuable notes inside.



For those that prefer the flair of Italian leather, the Sienna collection #7111 is a great alternative. The hand-stained leather from the Tuscany region of Italy enhances the deep beauty of the black, cherry, or cognac colors.  Lined in elegant suede, this is the writing pad cover is for someone that appreciates a blend of traditional and functional aesthetics.


A Jack Georges writing pad is a thoughtful and memorable gift that will forever be a useful and meaningful companion.  You can make the gift even more personal with free monogramming so that your loved one or colleague know that the piece was made especially for them.  So avoid the crowds and mark a few people off of your shopping list today with the perfect writing pad cover from Jack Georges.

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