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Custom Leather Goods


     At Jack Georges, we understand when companies, organizations, or even individuals, want something special.  We have been making custom products with special branding, features to meet specific needs, and unique styling or leather, since we first went into business in 1987.  It doesn't matter if you're an artist or designer looking for one piece to make your own statement, a television/film studio looking for something specific for a character or office environment, a company that wants their logo on a product to be used by their personnel, or simply someone that wants something all their own.  

Our offices are located in New Jersey, as is our original factory.  This gives us the flexibility to provide you with a wide variety of silhouettes and leathers to make customization easy.  With years of experience and a solid reputation for quality, we have the team in place to get things done quickly and correctly.  We can make the item that you need while maintaining quality, integrity, and function within a reasonable cost and time frame.

For more information, please email jgi@jackgeorges.com or call us at (973) 777-6999, Mon-Fri between 9 am and 5 pm, EST.