Jack Georges offers hundreds of different styles in numerous leathers and colors. It can be overwhelming navigating our site unless you know exactly what you need or what you're looking for so we made this list of our Top 10 best-selling bags to make your life a little easier. The bag you need may be one of these 10...

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How To Dress Dapper in the Modern Age

November 04, 2014

A Guide to Dressing like a Mad Man in the Modern Age. You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure.

How To Choose The Right Travel Bag

September 28, 2014

With the Holiday season just around the corner, we all need to be prepared for the busiest travel time of the year. Whether it’s visiting family and friends or escaping the cold to a tropical island somewhere before your vacation days expire at the end of the year, there are many things to keep in mind when selecting a bag for the trip.  The right bag will fit actually make your entire trip so much easier.  We’ve assembled this list of travel bags to help you make a smart choice for what you really need when you’re traveling.