#JGFanLove Product Registration

Congratulations, You've made it! You've been approved to collaborate with Jack Georges, Inc.

We have reviewed your social media account and are excited to work with you. Our Social Influencer Program is for residents of the continental US only.

How "you" can help, spread the love!

As a brand ambassador, you create branded lifestyle photographs, video to be used in our marketing creative (newsletters, website, product pages, and social media account) and in exchange we provide you with Jack Georges leather products. Promote our brand on your social account via co-branded campaigns and qualify for our revenue share program as well.  

What do you receive being a #JGFAN?

- We expand your reach via our website and social accounts with attribution to your account and featured promotions to maximize engagement. 

- A personalized discount code for your family, friends, and followers; so you can let everyone know you are an ambassador for Jack Georges.

- Receive Products! We will work with you on selecting a product that is suited to you, your social platform, and your followers.