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Earth Day is Every Day At Jack Georges!

April 22, 2015

EARTH DAY IS EVERY DAY AT JACK GEORGES!Earth day comes once a year and it should be a cause for all to celebrate, even in the smallest way, because it is everyone's job to take care of the Earth for its own sake, for humanity, and for the creatures that share this world. That is why at Jack Georges, we recognize our responsibilities and are striving to be as eco-friendly as we can.  We are making progress because our commitment to Mother Nature isn’t just on Earth Day… it is an effort that we are increasing every day.
Best Briefcases for Accountants During Tax Season

April 08, 2015

BEST BRIEFCASES FOR ACCOUNTANTS DURING TAX SEASONIt’s that time of year again—the only time when terms like these are a part of everyone’s vocabulary.
  But for you, these words are a way of life.  You’re an accountant—the person who balances the books and makes sure the numbers add up.  The person trusted to ensure the longevity of one of the most valued bonds known to man: the one between taxpayers and their money.  With a responsibility so heavy, you need the perfect briefcase to help you bear the burden.  And for that, you’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re the neighborhood accountant with the long client list, or the dedicated professional for a select few, Jack Georges is your source for the greatest combination of function and fashion.